Bandung Geological Museum, Educational Tourism with All its Collections

Bandung, a city known for its millions of natural charms, also offers a number of interesting educational tourism destinations. One of the most striking is the Bandung Geological Museum. This museum is not only a fascinating place for science and geology lovers.

But also a fun place for all groups who want to understand more deeply about the history of the earth and Indonesia’s geological riches. In this article, let’s explore the Bandung Geological Museum as an educational tourist spot with all its amazing collections.

History of the Bandung Geological Museum

The Bandung Geological Museum, founded in 1928, is one of the oldest museums in Indonesia. This museum building itself has historical value because its magnificent architecture depicts the Dutch colonial era.

This museum originally functioned as a “Geologisch Laboratory” which aimed to support scientific research on geology in the Dutch East Indies region. During its long journey, this museum has developed and expanded its collection and role as a place for storing and educating geological sciences in Indonesia.

Awesome Collection

The Bandung Geological Museum has a very extensive collection which includes various types of interesting geological artifacts. Some of the main points in the museum’s collection include:

1. Rocks and Minerals

Visitors can see various types of rocks and minerals found in various places in Indonesia. These include igneous rocks, sedimentary rocks, and metamorphic rocks which all reveal interesting geological histories.

2. Fossils

For paleontology lovers, this museum has an amazing fossil collection, including fossils of ancient animals, plants and ancient humans found throughout Indonesia.

3. Geological Map

This museum has geological maps depicting geological formations throughout Indonesia. This map helps visitors understand the structure of the earth and the geological history of the country.

4. Geological Stamps

Apart from the geological collection, this museum also has a collection of rare geological stamps that reflect Indonesia’s rich natural resources.

Interactive Exhibition

The Bandung Geological Museum also offers interactive exhibitions that allow visitors to learn in a more hands-on way. These exhibits include demonstrations on tectonic plate movements, earthquake measurements, and more. This makes a visit to this museum an interactive and educational experience.

Education and Activity Programs

The Bandung Geological Museum is also active in organizing various educational programs such as workshops, seminars and tours for pupils, students and the general public. This program helps support a deeper understanding of geology and earth sciences.


The Bandung Geological Museum is easily accessible from various parts of Bandung city and has adequate parking facilities for visitors.


The Bandung Geological Museum is a very interesting place for those who want to understand more deeply about Indonesia’s geological history and its natural riches. With extraordinary collections, interactive exhibits, and useful educational programs, this museum provides an unforgettable educational tourism experience. If you visit Bandung and are interested in geology, don’t miss the opportunity to explore the Bandung Geological Museum and feel its charm.