Get to know the Bandung Sea of Fire Monument more closely

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Get to know the Bandung Sea of Fire Monument more closely

The city of Bandung, located in West Java, Indonesia, has a rich history and is full of historical events that influenced the nation. One historical moment worth remembering is the Battle of Bandung Lautan Api (Bandung Sea of Fire) which occurred during the Dutch colonial period.

The Bandung Sea of Fire Monument is a symbol that commemorates this tragic event and is a historical place that is worth visiting. In this article, let’s get to know the Bandung Sea of Fire Monument more closely.

Historical Background

The Battle of Bandung Sea of Fire occurred on March 24 1946 during the Indonesian War of Independence against Dutch colonialism. Indonesian National Army (TNI) troops led by Major (later General) Oerip Soemohardjo fought fiercely against Dutch troops who were trying to retake the city of Bandung which had been controlled by the Indonesian side.

This battle took place in various locations in Bandung, and one of the most tragic moments was when the Dutch troops decided to destroy the city of Bandung by burning it. Much of the city burned, and this event resulted in major losses to the city’s population and infrastructure.

Establishment of the Bandung Sea of Fire Monument

The Bandung Lautan Api Monument was erected to commemorate this tragic event and as a tribute to the victims and heroes who fought in this battle. This monument was built in 1950 and inaugurated by the President of Indonesia at that time, Soekarno, in the same year.

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This monument has several important elements that reflect deep historical significance:

1. Youth Statue

One of the main elements of this monument is a statue of a young man standing proudly with a sword in his hand. This statue represents the spirit of struggle and determination of Indonesian youth in facing challenges.

2. Relief and Writing

On the walls of the monument there are reliefs depicting important events during the battle, as well as writings that commemorate the heroes who died in the battle.

3. Memorial Room

Inside the monument there is a memorial room dedicated to honoring victims and heroes. Visitors can see various artifacts, photos and documentation depicting this tragic event.

Current Use

The Bandung Lautan Api Monument is not only a historical place, but also a location that is often used for memorial ceremonies and honoring heroes and other historical events. Every year, on March 24, the official commemoration of this battle is held at this monument, and people gather to remember the history and honor the heroes.


The Bandung Sea of Fire Monument is a historical place that reminds us of the struggle and sacrifices required to achieve Indonesian independence. This is a very important commemorative point to honor the heroes who fought for this nation’s independence. If you visit Bandung, the Bandung Lautan Api Monument is one place that is worth visiting so that you can get to know more about the history and values of Indonesia’s struggle.

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