Bank Indonesia Museum, Historical Tourist Attraction in Bandung

An interesting change occurred in the heart of Bandung City, West Java, involving the transformation of a historic building that was previously used as a Bank Indonesia Office. The building that was once a banking center has now been transformed into a stunning museum that provides an in-depth insight into the history of Indonesia’s currency. In this article, let’s explore these interesting changes and understand more about the Bank Indonesia Museum Bandung.

Historical Background

Before we understand the transformation of this museum, let’s take a brief history of this building. The historic Bank Indonesia Bandung office was built in 1929 under Dutch colonial rule. During the colonial period, this building was used as Bank Voor Indie, which was one of the central banks of the Dutch East Indies. Then, after Indonesian independence in 1945, this building was taken over by Bank Indonesia.

Transformation into a Museum

In 2018, the Bank Indonesia Bandung Office stopped its banking operations, and this building was converted into the Bank Indonesia Bandung Museum. This transformation aims to maintain the history of this historic building and provide an educational experience to the public about the development of the currency and banking system in Indonesia.

Collections and Exhibitions

The Bank Indonesia Museum Bandung has an impressive collection that includes various artifacts and historical objects related to currency and banking in Indonesia. Some interesting points from the collections and exhibitions at this museum include:

1. Ancient Currency

Visitors can see various types of ancient currency used in Indonesia from the Dutch colonial era to the present. This includes coins and paper money that are no longer valid.

2. Money Printing Process

The museum has exhibits that explain the money printing process from design to production. Visitors can understand how money is made and what makes it difficult to counterfeit.

3. Development of the Banking System

Exhibitions at this museum also cover the history of the development of the banking system in Indonesia. You can see how our modern banking system has evolved from the past.

4. Interactive Exhibition

The museum also has interactive exhibits that allow visitors to try making their own banknotes and learn about Bank Indonesia’s role in maintaining monetary stability.

Educational Programs and Activities

The Bank Indonesia Museum Bandung is active in organizing various educational programs, workshops and cultural activities related to currency, economics and banking. This provides an opportunity for schools and the general public to gain a deeper understanding of this topic.


The transformation of the Bank Indonesia Bandung Office into the Bank Indonesia Bandung Museum is an impressive step in understanding the history and development of currency and banking in Indonesia. This museum is a very interesting destination for those who want to dig deeper into ancient money, the banking system, and the role of Bank Indonesia in the national economy. If you visit Bandung, don’t miss the opportunity to visit the Bank Indonesia Bandung Museum and understand more closely the journey of the Indonesian currency.