Beautiful Beaches Near Faro to Albufeira

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Beautiful Beaches Near Faro to Albufeira

Discover the beautiful beaches of the Southern coast of Portugal this break in the region of Faro to Albufeira. This is the perfect break for those who wish to take long walks by the glittering sea under the sun. There are 25 stunning beaches to choose from with a mix of popular busy beaches to the quiet calm beaches where one can read a good book.

Popular Coastlines

Fisherman’s Beach and Praia dos Pescadores are two of the most popular beaches not too far from a visit from Faro to Albufeira. Fisherman’s beach is located in the old part of town; however, the golden beaches still shine against the beautiful red cliffs.

This town is full of history and is sure to offer visitors a relaxing time as well as a picturesque location to engage in sports in the sun.  Praia da Oura is known for offering its visitors a great nightlife as well as the golden sandy beaches with rows of beach chairs to laze about in.

There are also great local restaurants to dine in, and then after a good dinner take a stroll along the beach breathing in that fresh sea air under the glowing moon. However, if you are wishing for more action during the day then there’s plenty of water sports to indulge in like windsurfing, boat rides and paddle boating, there are a variety of sports suitable for all ages.

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Tranquil Beaches

Calm beaches are only a short trip away from Faro to Albufeira, Praia dos Solgadoes, based in the West of central town offers visitors an ideal secluded beach with a golf course nearby. This beach offers visitors a unique experience as there are huge cliffs lingering over the soft sand with rolling sand dunes.

Bird watchers are in for a treat are there is a lagoon nearby located behind a marshland. The local restaurants serve fresh fish from the sea giving your taste buds something new to crave. After a nice meal, visitors can make their way to the golf course which is situated 800 metres away from the Praia dos Solgadoes.

If you are searching for a relaxing break this summer, or a summer packed with various water sports, why not head down to these Portuguese beaches? There’s fine restaurants serving fresh local fish and serene golf courses for a fun, yet, relaxing game of golf. Pack a comfy pair of flip flops and fly out to the calm coasts of Portugal.

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