Beautiful Destinations to Visit in North India

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Beautiful Destinations to Visit in North India

India has fascinated the whole world with its beauty, culture and flora and fauna that is found here. People in India are friendly and the climate varies from hot to cold depending upon regions, that means if you want to experience Indian summer then you can visit Rajasthan and other states which are rich in archeological and ancient art and monuments.

Similarly if you are planning Indian trip just because to get rid out of the hot summer you have been facing in your home country then India has destination like – Jammu & Kashmir, Manali, Shimla, Sikkim and many more which will make your stay joyful.

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The country is full of places has something attached to it, country is ruled by so many legends in the past and so as the monuments and artistic work can be seen everywhere. One of the favourite destination of every international travel is undoubtedly the “Taj Mahal” the symbol of love also is one of the seven wonders of world.

Lets not get diverted from our main topic of discussion and quickly see what are the 5 beautiful destinations that people visit or love to visit in North India.

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The first things that comes to everybody’s mind when talking about North India are Hill Stations, yes the north India is full of famous and popular hill stations which are visited by millions every month. The most popular among all are – Manali, Shimla, Kasoli, Rishikesh, Dalhuoise, Ranipet, Leh etc.

North India not only showers the beauty and greenery on people but also the soothing climate and relaxing atmosphere attracts every tourist.

Although the places in north India can be visited at any time of the year, but the best time to visit is – Winter i.e during October to January and Summer, May to July.

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So In case you have been to Thailand, Singapore , Dubai and have not been to India, then you must plan your trip right away.

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