Top 5 Destination to Visit this Summer

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Top 5 Destination to Visit this Summer

We have entered to year 2017 with new hopes, living up to dream, those who love traveling are going to explore new places with more enthusiasm, i have been traveling to around the world and after being to so many places i can say that India is the best country to pay a visit.

One of the hot shot destination these days where huge number of international travelers planning their trip. Almost every 6th american today want to visit India once in lifetime. Lets see which are the top 5 destination that can be visited during summer season in India.


Goa is not only popular world wide, but it is also the most visited place by Indian during summer, for tourist from international locations, you will find the culture indifferent while being in goa, the goa is the only state in the India which follows much that of western culture. Beautiful Beaches, Hot Nightlife, Coolest weather and much more.


If you know India for its forts and palaces then Jaipur is the city for you, all those people who love archaeological things and buildings. Jaipur also host plenty of other enjoyable things like – Festivals, Craft Work and Food.


Every other tourist who visit india want to see this place, known by its monument Tajmahal which one of the 7 wonders of world.  Being in agra is great fun , you will find many mahals and palaces near around while joy of seeing this love work is priceless.

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One of the holy place that is known around the world for its “Kumbh Mela” and ancient archaeological work. The Varanasi is surrounded by plenty of ghats which make it must see place.


If you love trekking, then visiting this place will add more joy to your overall tour, the place has beautiful roads surrounded by mountains and blue water lakes.

India is the country where destinations and places are enormous, one need to explore from deep.

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