DIY Honeymoon in Hawaii

A DIY honeymoon in Hawaii can be just as much fun as an all inclusive travel deal or a package tour. The only trick that you have to master would be efficient planning. Now, efficient planning can be a daunting challenge should you not be accustomed with DIY holidays. Furthermore, since it is your honeymoon you certainly do not wish to have even the slightest err along the way.

Here is how you should plan you DIY honeymoon in Hawaii.


Budgets are very important and they can often go haywire. Abiding by two best practices you can ensure that your budget is at least justified if not completely desirable. There are two ways of budgeting. You can fix on a specific amount and then include all that you can or you can take into account all the kinds of expenses you are expected to incur to make your honeymoon truly special and then arrive at a consolidated amount. Either way works well depending on your preference.

The Trip

Based on your budget you would have to decide on the islands in Hawaii that you would like to visit. Most couples prefer to honeymoon on at least two islands among the six that are open to tourists in Hawaii. The state of Hawaii has seven islands but Niihau is a private island and is not open to domestic or foreign tourists unless invited by one of the 300 residents in the island.

Among the six islands ala Hawaii, Oahu, Molokai, Lanai, Kauai and Maui, you can pick any two or more as per your desire. They are all ideal for honeymooning and are at par in terms of popularity among tourists. While every island has something special and unique to offer, a combination of Maui, Oahu and Hawaii might be the best combination.

Hire A Travel Agent

DIY honeymoon in Hawaii doesn’t necessarily imply that you would not get any help from anyone. A travel agent can, in almost all scenarios, get a better deal in every aspect of your holiday. They can get better accommodation prices, car hires while you are at an island and can also give you some hands on advices to make the most of your trip. Alternatively you can head to Hawaii and plan things as you go. But considering it is your honeymoon you may be better off with a preplan, unless you both decide otherwise of course.