Hill Station Blessed With Evergreen Forests

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Hill Station Blessed With Evergreen Forests

There are not many countries in the world that can boast of a diverse, colourful and rich culture as India. What adds to the essence of the place is that the culture it holds is centuries old and has still managed to remain intact, unaffected by the sudden yet fast pace with which the world is moving ahead and at the same time, there is the development that you see in all the major cold countries, in the metros and smaller cities of the country.

Most will agree with me when I say that India is one of the most coveted, safe and welcoming countries of the world and there is no other place that can offer the amount that India does in the form of monuments, historic and cultural sites, national parks and zoos etc. The best tourist places of India have been summarized for you.


It is considered as a hill station and is blessed with a number of evergreen forests.

Also known as – Land of Strawberries

Located in: Maharastra; South west of Pune

Connection with the cities of India

Road-The city is well connected by all three routes, that is road, rail and air. Road transit seems to be the most convenient method of travel to the place. National Highway 4 is the main highway that leads travelers to the city. There are buses that are owned by the Maharashtra government that run to the city. Private owned buses are also present.

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Rail- Mahablaeshwar does not have a station to itself and the nearest station to the place is at Satara, from where the tourists will need to embark on a road trip to this hillstation.

The main trains to Satara are as follows:

  • Goa Express (12780) from Hazrat Nizamuddin, Delhi to Goa via Satara, operational on all days
  • Swarna Jayanti (12782) from Hazrat Nizamuddin to Satara, only on Mondays
  • Chalukya Express (1017) from Dadar, Mumbai to Satara, Operates on all days except Tuesdays
  • Kolhapur Express (1049) from Vasai Road, Mumbai to Satara, functions only on Mondays
  • Ajmer Express (16210) from Bangalore to Satara, on Tuesdays and Thursdays

Air- As there is no airport in the city, you will need to land at Mumbai or Pune and then use the road transit to reach Mahabaleshwar.

Places of interest- Vena Lake, Arthur’s Seat, Monkey Point, Needle hole point, Savitri point, Mahabaleshwar temple

Best time to visit Mahabaleshwar – The months of November and December and the best time to pay a visit to Mahabaleshwar

These are just a few of the best tourist places in India. Each of them has some different to offer that the others will not be able to present to you. You need to plan your trip well in advance and have all your bookings done, as these places receive an overload of guest during the holiday seasons.

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