Romance On The Rock: Best Honeymoon Destinations in Newfoundland

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Romance On The Rock: Best Honeymoon Destinations in Newfoundland

Having a keen sense of adventure and desire for exploration, you and your soon to be spouse have decided to adjust your sails and set course for the island of Newfoundland. Being Canada’s youngest and easternmost province, Newfoundland is a world away from any other environment you can find in this vast and wild nation, as it is home to seemingly ancient fishing villages, some of the oldest mountains on Earth, and most of all, a people that have cultivated a way of life that is exceedingly friendly, light-hearted, and captivating.

Few people ever forget their time here, leaving The Rock with almost exclusively positive memories and high praise for this corner of the world. While this is certainly good news to read about as you plot out your trip here, one question remains: what places will you visit so that you can have a peak experience in this amazing place?

The following suggestions, in our humble opinion, represent the best honeymoon destinations in Newfoundland, which will cause you to look back upon your time here with fond memories!

Gros Morne National Park

The northernmost portion of the lengthy Appalachian Mountain chain expresses itself in dramatic fashion in Gros Morne National Park, home to some of Newfoundland’s highest peaks. Otherworldly landscapes will puzzle and intrigue you at the Tablelands, home to one of the Earth’s few places where mantle rock is visible.

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And Western Brook Pond Fjord will amaze the two of you with jaw-dropping visages of tall canyon walls, misty waterfalls, and some of the most pure waters in the world. Nearby Rocky Harbour and Norris Point feature charming country inns where you will experience in full effect the hospitality that this island is famous for!

Fogo Island

Newfoundland’s coast features many isolated communities and islands where some fishing villages that have existed for centuries still hold fast in the face of changing demographics. Fogo Island on the north central coast is a particularly scenic place to explore, with accommodations ranging from the extravagant Fogo Island Inn, which comes with lofty praise from many luxury publications and websites.

To the many bed and breakfasts and guesthouses that will put you in direct contact with local Newfoundlanders. Explore coastal moors, where rocky promontories rise from the sea to become open fields where cute sheep happily graze, and if you are here during the spring and early summer, icebergs can be readily sighted, making for a breathtaking day spent wandering a breathtaking land together.

St. John’s and the Avalon Peninsula

If spending your entire holiday out in the rural hinterland of Newfoundland is giving you pause, budget a chunk of your honeymoon time in St. John’s, the increasingly trendy capital of this homely province. If you plan on spending your post-nuptial period celebrating with large amounts of libations, there is no place better than George Street to do it, the place with the greatest concentration of drinking establishments in Canada.

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After checking out that and historic sights like Signal Hill, coastal highlights such as Cape Spear (most easterly point in North America), Cape St. Mary’s (big bird sanctuary), and Bay Bulls (whale watching tours) await within an easy drive of the city, ending off your romantic retreat to Newfoundland in grand fashion!

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