Honeymooning In The French Riviera Without Going Bankrupt

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Honeymooning In The French Riviera Without Going Bankrupt

With your wedding coming up next Spring, you’ve started to get serious in making your plans. The ceremony, the reception, the cute custom-made invitations … slowly but surely, everything is beginning to fall into place.

Just one aspect of the whole operation remains, and that is the best and most relaxing part of all: the honeymoon. To be honest, you’ve been holding back on making your plans official because you have been wrestling with a bit of a conundrum; you want to spend your post-marital period lounging in the French Riviera, but you are deathly afraid of the money it is going to cost you to even spend one week in this uber expensive part of the world.

Like anywhere else on this Earth though, there are ways to spend your money wisely without going broke in record time. Follow this guide to honeymooning in the French Riviera, and you’ll gain the pleasure of being in such a sexy part of Europe, without the horrendous hangover that a monster credit card bill can bring.

Stay: Hotel Suisse, Nice

While many of the hotels in the cities of the French Riviera can run well into the hundreds of Euros per night, there are some places that will only require a modest amount to provide you with a comfortable place to lay your head at night. Starting at €80 per night for non-seaside view rooms, Hotel Suisse in Nice will put you on the waterfront in the midst of a timeless city in the French Riviera.

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Play: Pampelonne Beach, near Saint-Tropez

Want to play in the same waves that many A-list stars share every single summer? If so, making the trip down to Pampelonne Beach a mere five kilometres south of Saint-Tropez will be well worth the taxi fare it takes you to get there. When you aren’t peering out at party boats with binoculars that may or may not contain celebrities, you can snorkel, jet-ski or merely lay back in one of many sun loungers that are available all along the fabulous beachfront in this amazing destination.

Dine: Authentic, Cannes

All that fun in the sun will inevitably cause you to work up an appetite, but again, the mere act of grabbing something to eat could end up looting your pockets if you aren’t careful. A place that delivers on quality meals while keeping the total bill within a sane amount is Authentic, a French restaurant in the middle of Cannes.

A tasting menu compliments of the house will allow you to choose an entree guaranteed to satisfy you, and with pricing that trends 30% lower than the average rates charged by other Cannes restos, your wallet will be as happy as your belly as you work your way through multiple courses.

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