How Tourism Affects Culture

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How Tourism Affects Culture

Tourism can be developed by two main ways. First, the places of tourism should be connected by air, rail, and road routs to the major cities of the country. In addition, there should be enough hotels, multi cuisine restaurants and guest houses to accommodate tourists.

What is more, such places should be equipped with all the basic facilities like electricity, water, telephone, banking, currency exchange and so on. Secondly, governments should promote tourism in other countries of the world through print and electronic media to attract international visitors.

There are two recent trends emerging in the field of tourism. First, people visit hill stations, resorts, seashores and adventure parks of their country to be with the nature. Second, they prefer visiting overseas countries instead of their own country. This is because they can enjoy the experience of a foreign country, its culture and its people.

The benefits of international tourism

International tourism is beneficial in a number of ways. First, it helps the host country to earn foreign revenues that can contribute to the economy of the country. Second, it also helps local people to get employment as hospitality and other related industries develop in their region. Third, local art, craft and culture can become popular in different countries of the world.

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International tourism has been seen a big boost because of three main factors. One of them is the entry of new companies in aviation and tourism field that has made air travel cheaper and accessible to all people from all corners of the world.

Next, multinational companies have started operating their branches in different countries due to globalization. This has obliged their employees to travel to various countries in a big number. Last, spread of movies and satellite channels across the world has inspired the viewers to visit other countries.

Places which people mostly prefer

A places having natural beauty like seashores, hill stations, forests and waterfalls and man made construction like amusement parks, multiplexes and recreational centers. This is because natural places to feel the closeness with nature and enjoy the silence of the place. This is almost impossible for people to experience in urban areas.

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