Top 5 Spiritual Destinations In India

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Top 5 Spiritual Destinations In India

India is a country where 4 primary religion  are worshiped. Apart from the main stream religions  this is the only country where people of different religion live all together in peace and harmony. The country also allow every religion to follow spirituality independently.

India host world’s some of the popular pilgrimage places from every religion, which are visited by lot of people from around the world every year, the government also encourage pilgrimage tourism to lure international travelers.

While the Hindu popular pilgrimage places include – Vaishno Devi, Haridwar.   For people with Muslim as religion have Ajmer Sharif and Haji Ali in the country. Similar oldest church in India is St. Francis CSI Church and Golden Temple for people belonging to Sikhism.

In today’s edition we are going to list 5 most popular spiritual tourist destinations in india depending upon the popularity and visitor count.


One of the top spiritual destination that is visited by millions of hindus every month, it is believed that whomsoever takes a bath in holy river ganga in haridwar get free from his sins, the river ganga is worshiped at large scale here.

Vaishno Devi

Another popular destination mostly visited by hindus, it is believed that one gets a call from lord Vaishno Devi and eventually the person pay a visit to holy place, the hindu believes that whatever wish they present in front of mata after reaching to the spiritual place is surely going to fulfilled.

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Ajmer Sharif Dargah

Located in Rajesthan, this place bears a great importance to muslim and hindu community, both of the religion pay a visit to this place in large numbers, it is believed that if you offer a “Chadar” at ajmer sharif, chances of wish coming true are high.

Golden Temple

Only holy place of people belonging to Sikh religion is Golden Temple, Located in Amritsar this holy place is of great importance to Sikh people while this place is also visited in mass number by people of every other religion.

St. Francis CSI Church

Made in 1503 the St. Francis CSI Church is the oldest church in india, located at cochin. This place attracts lot of international tourist every year.

India is a country where religion is worshiped widespread and so as there exists number of spiritual destination where people practice their religion, we have tried to list few from the list of many.eeds.

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