Educational Tourism at the Indonesian Postal Museum Bandung

Bandung, apart from being famous for its natural beauty and delicious culinary delights, also offers a number of interesting educational tourism destinations. One place that combines history, technology and education is the Indonesian Postal Museum in Bandung.

In this article, we will explore the charm of the Bandung Indonesian Postal Museum as an interesting educational tourism destination.

Historical Background of the Indonesian Postal Museum

The Indonesian Postal Museum in Bandung is a branch of the Post and Telecommunications Museum located in Jakarta. The museum was founded in 1971 and has been operating for more than four decades. The main purpose of this museum is to commemorate the history and development of post and telecommunications in Indonesia.

Interesting Collection

One of the main attractions of the Indonesian Postal Museum is its unique collection which includes various historical artifacts and telecommunications equipment. Some of the interesting collections that can be found at this museum include:

1. Ancient Communication Tools

You can see various ancient communication equipment such as telegraphs, old telephones and old radio equipment. This collection allows visitors to understand how communication has developed over time.

2. Historical Stamps

This museum has a collection of historical stamps that reflect important events in Indonesian history. These stamps are not only works of art, but also valuable visual documentation of historical events.

3. Interactive Exhibition

The Indonesian Postal Museum also has interactive exhibits that allow visitors to learn about how postal and telecommunications systems work. It includes a demonstration of sending messages via telegram and an understanding of how letters traveled from one place to another.

4. Other Collections

Apart from that, this museum also has a collection of newspaper equipment, postal clothing and uniforms, as well as other historical objects related to the history of post and telecommunications in Indonesia.

Education and Cultural Activities

The Bandung Indonesian Post Museum is active in organizing various educational and cultural activities such as workshops, seminars and art performances. These activities aim to provide the public with a deeper understanding of the history of communication and technology.

School Visit

This museum is often a popular school visit destination in Bandung. It provides an opportunity for students to learn about the history and communications technologies that were important in social and economic development.

Gift shop

The Indonesian Postal Museum also has a souvenir shop where visitors can buy stamps, books and other items related to post and telecommunications.


The Bandung Indonesian Post Museum is an interesting and educational place that is suitable for all ages. With a rich collection, interactive exhibits, and useful educational programs, this museum is the perfect educational tourism destination for those who want to understand the history of communication and technology in Indonesia. If you visit Bandung, don’t miss the opportunity to visit the Indonesian Postal Museum and experience the charm and knowledge it offers.