Run Away Together To These Tropical Islands In The Indian Ocean

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Run Away Together To These Tropical Islands In The Indian Ocean

Lately it seems that everything has come together to make your life together strained and stressful. Familial obligations, work demands and random annoying nonsense has frayed the nerves of both you and your love.

It’s clear to you both: you need to run away somewhere, if only for a week. After some quick research on the net, you have noticed that the islands of the vast Indian Ocean have stood out to you like brilliant jewels strewn across a barren table.

Standing out as oases of romantic beauty amidst thousands of kilometres of empty ocean, your problems will be far away on the mainland, being utterly incapable of harming you and your spouse, while the two of you soak up the pleasures that some of the most seductive paradises in the world have to offer.

There are three specific islands that you should be aware of when you make your plans, and in the following paragraphs, we will detail their extravagances to you, so the two of you can begin to get excited even as you silently pack your suitcase for a secret fly-by-night escape from the responsibilities of the real world!

1. Mauritius

Punctuated by a sheer mountain called Le Ponce (translates into English literally as “the thumb”), which is surrounded by jungle and sugar cane fields, and enveloped by a baby blue sea that seems to glow, Mauritius is a paradise island located 2,000 kilometres off the off coast of mainland Africa and close to 1,000 kilometres from the east coast of Madagascar.

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Enjoy a fresh rum drink after a snorkel through crystal clear water, all while savouring the prospect of an authentic Indian dinner (much of the island’s population are descended from indentured servants imported from India in the 19th century), comfortable in the knowledge that you are as far from your problems as you could be right now.

2. Seychelles

Almost as isolated as Mauritius are the Seychelles, which are still located a very long swim from the African mainland, with 1,500 kilometres separating the spellbinding chain of isles from the main continent. The scenery is like nowhere else in the world, given the archipelago’s granite composure.

Lay on the beach amidst these scenic boulders and soak up your surroundings together, but don’t forget to explore them as well, as biking, hiking, and horseback riding are all popular activities here.

3. Maldives

Of all the Indian Ocean getaways, this elongated chain of coral islands sits many hundreds of kilometres away from India and Sri Lanka, barely peeking above sea level with sand so white that it squeaks underfoot when you walk on it. Many resorts catering to various decadent tastes exist here, but if you merely wish to wake up to the sound of waves sloshing around underneath your overwater bungalow, then any resort along this idyllic series of islands likely will do fine.

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